Barefoot in the Garden 

​​​​​Natural Bath and Body Products

Our son was barefoot in the garden and covered with mud from head to toe. I had worked hard to keep my garden organic , so I rest assured knowing that the mud covering him was simply God made dirt. But later, as I gave him a bath it occurred to me that the soap I was using on him contained harsh chemicals disguised by a sweet smell and a cute bottle. I once read that it takes 26 seconds  for whatever you put on your skin to be absorb into your body, basically its the same as eating it.  It was then that it hit me, keeping my family's food natural was a start, but it wasn't enough. As someone who wants the best for my family I knew I needed to make a change, we needed to remove the chemicals  we were putting on our skin every day.

Slowly an idea began to build in my mind, I am a chemist and I knew I was capable of making skin care products of my own.  After months of researching, formulating and experimenting (and a tremendous amount of support from my family and friends), I have created a variety of skin care products that are healthier and safer  than those I could buy in the store.  I know the ingredients are beyondsafe, they are nourishing to our skin.Just what I want for my family! I have peace of mindknowing that my family is using these and I wanted to share my products with anyone who has a desire for a more natural life for themselves and their families.  So I share with you my products, an endeavor that began when our son was Barefoot in the Garden