​​​Thank you for visiting Barefoot in the Garden, where we believe that bath and body products should benatural, skin nourishing and free of harsh chemicals. 


I have always had an affinity for the simple and handmade way of life, and as I learned about the ingredients that are put into commercially available bath products I made the choice that I didn't want to expose my family to that.  With that in mind, I created natural products using natural oils, butters, clays, honey, milks, fruits, and exfoliants. My products range from honey face wash and strawberry face masks to soap bars and body scrubs. They leave your skin clean, nourished and healthy, but more importantly I feel safe using them.  Please use the tabs above to navigate my products.  

*To make a purchase or ask a question please contact me at barefootinthegarden1@gmail.com

Barefoot in the Garden 

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